2020, Neighbourhood Estate, Linksfield, Johannesburg, South Africa
Area: 329m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Rory David
Status: In Progress


Purchased as a forever home opportunity for a young family, this zen inspired residence is set within a densely planted suburban estate, driven by the desire to escape the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg. Following estate guidelines, large overhanging eaves and hipped roofs cover a donut-shaped plan on a compact stand, with a central courtyard removed from the public eye.

Optimal orientation in design response is achieved through placement of main living spaces to the North, with bedrooms located to the North-East and utility spaces to the West. All spaces open onto the central courtyard, containing a compact pool covered by a retractable deck, ensuring year-round functionality. Sliding timber screens add to the zen-aesthetic, allowing for an inside-outside relationship whilst maintaining privacy, further bolstered by dense bamboo hedges placed along the perimeter of the property.  This design pushes for central privacy over the traditional open courtyard response, resulting in a secluded home with a focus on family and connection to garden space.