A sustainable, multi-generational holiday home on a challenging steep site, with courtyards designed for climatic comfort in the Eastern Cape

2022, Kenton Eco Estate, Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Area: 610m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Deandra Farinha
contemporary bush veld game lodge floor plan

The Clients Dream

Having worked with these clients previously, we were thrilled when they approached us to design their home within a coastal eco estate. Situated on a steep site with amazing ocean views, we were briefed to design a home that would maximise the views and that could accommodate extended family during holidays, or that could be let out and accommodate at least two families at the same time.

This meant that living spaces would need to accommodate a minimum of 8 people at a time. While holidaying with friends or family is wonderful, we all know that we can also want quiet time. To make this possible the house needed to offer multiple spaces, where multiple generations could either be together or alone at times.


The Dream Actualised (Design response)

Knowing that the Eastern Cape can have beautiful sunny days with gale-force winds that make going to the beach impossible, we wanted the pool area to be protected so that it could still be used on these days. We also were very keen to optimise orientation for ventilation and solar gain, all while maximising the amazing view. These factors became the dominant design drivers.

So how did we do it?

We placed the pool in a central courtyard. This shelters it from wind and gives it privacy and sunlight.

In order for the living areas to have a relationship with the pool courtyard on the upper ground floor, they are located on the upper ground floor, while bedroom suites are placed on the lower ground floor. This presented an opportunity to get north light into living spaces, maximise views to the south and use the bedroom roof to create a wonderful outdoor viewing deck and covered braai area off the living spaces. The result is a living area that opens up on both sides, making it feel large and airy, while offering multiple outdoor spaces. 

The lower ground floor consists of a pajama lounge and three bedroom suites flowing out onto private decks. External shutters keep these decks closed off, allowing occupants to sleep with the doors open and offer an additional layer of security when the house is not in use. Placing bedrooms on the lower ground floor gives them views, privacy and connection to the dune forest. The pajama lounge is an additional reception area, for various generations or families holidaying together.

Two additional bedroom suits are housed above the garage and gym on the first floor. One of the suites is accessed with a private staircase so that it could also be utilised as a staff accommodation. 

Not to miss an opportunity, and to make optimal use of space, the roof above the living area is a rooftop terrace for sundowners, or contemplation on lazy summer evenings!


But is it as Eco as the Estate?

This home will power itself with a full array of PV panels neatly concealed above the garage roof. Water supply will be by means of a “Water from Air” system as the Eastern Cape has had water supply issues for years. As is our aim on all projects, the envelope of the building is well insulated. Due to the coastal climate, cross ventilation and the ability to leave doors open at night has been employed to cool the house.


Can you see more?

Of course, you can! The clients have opted to make their build a smooth process and have appointed Meik On Site. Simply follow us on the socials for updates.


Would you like us to design your home?

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