This extensive renovation creates multiple courtyards for an expansive, modern barn style, family home located in Bedfordview.

The Dobrowsky
2017, Bedfordview, South Africa
Area: 996m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke; Deandra Farinha


Dobrowsky - Contemporary - Farmhouse - After Renovation
Boma and firepit and outdoor entertainment and pool courtyard of contemporary modern family home
Covered entrance and garages of modern contemporary barnstyle renovation
The Dobrowsky Site Plan
The Dobrowsky - Ground Floor Plan
The Dobrowsky - Loft Plan

Located on a trapezoid shaped stand,  the original brief on this major renovation called for a second floor addition. However after considering views onto neighbouring properties, privacy and the need to live in the house during the renovation, a single storey renovation was decided on.

In order to optimise North orientation, while meeting all the accommodation requirements, a house with multiply North-facing courtyards was designed, with a privacy gradient to the furthest part of the site. In short, living spaces spill out onto a pool courtyard and generous patio, while children’s bedrooms have a relationship with a large lawn courtyard for play.

The master suite looks out onto a landscaped private courtyard to the far North of the stand. In addition to sustainable passive design elements including optimized orientation, cross ventilation, shading and insulation,  all fenestration is double glazed with evaporative cooling using recycled water. PV panels have also been employed to produce power.