An architecturally designed, double-story, modern family home in the heart of Johannesburg.

2019, Victory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Area: 372.5m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Michelle Smith


Taitz Residence Floor Plan

Designed with a Contemporary Aesthetic in mind, this family home is sited to optimize orientation whilst achieving views to Johannesburg, and Sandton CBD’s. Conceptualized as clean, floating shapes, the First floor manifests as a rectangular box with apertures set back, balanced on top of the Ground Floor spaces, with walls further set back to achieve a sense of suspension. Cladding materials were chosen to emphasize this effect, whilst retaining a clean, contemporary look.

Access to Ground Floor spaces flow downward with the site, establishing  two main living levels and maintaining connection to a large garden and pool space. A generous Covered Patio provides plenty of space for a large family, with indoor-outdoor connection being of importance. Timber screens are employed for a natural look, and act as shading security and privacy devices.