A bespoke family home designed to maximise views and orientation on a riverfront stand, in a farm estate in Gauteng.

2020, Monaghan Estate, Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa
Area: 415m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Deandra Farinha


Located on a West facing riverfront stand, sloping down towards the water’s edge, this contemporary farmhouse was inspired by the traditional Karoo stone-house typology. Through consideration of both traditional and contemporary styles, the decision was made to juxtapose rather than combine. This is achieved through definition of heavy and light elements, heavy being represented by stonework cladding, and light expressed through steel elements.

The result, a traditional monolithic stone-clad barn, intersected by a contemporary, steel framed Entrance serving to separate Bedroom and Living wings. Spaces are arranged in a linear fashion, with all Living and Bedroom spaces facing North and East, and service spaces placed to the South and West. The main dwelling is shielded from the road edge by a steel clad garage and storage area, creating privacy. Larger forms are separated by planted courtyards to soften the weightiness of deep stone walls, and tie in outdoor connection, with the pool area removed from immediate home-vicinity creating a separate experience of place. 

Additional light-weight steel items, such as pergolas and window liners elevate the traditional look and feel, whilst defining external accommodation, such as a large Covered Patio, being an extension of the open plan living spaces contained within.