A modern farmhouse located on a generous riverfront stand in a farm estate in Gauteng

2019, Monaghan Farm Estate, Lanseria, PTA, South Africa
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Evelyn Boora, Michelle Smith

Located on a West facing, riverfront stand, this contemporary farmhouse presented some design challenges. As an inherited design, that did not initially serve the clients needs, re-conceptualisation was necessary to optimize views and connection to nature whilst ensuring a comfortable interior environment.

Re-designed for a young, professional family with a love for nature, this home is environment-integrated. The generous, open plan living, dining and kitchen spaces spill out onto a deep stoep with panoramic riverfront views and connection to an on-site orchard. An openable walkway and moveable screens on both East and West faces lead away to the bedroom wing ensuring constant connection to the exterior whilst optimizing orientation. This connection continues through the master bedroom, stepping down to create a private suite with a clear view to the stream bordering the site.  Being Italian, the kitchen became a point of focus for the home, reflected in an ‘eat-in’ design encouraging the user to linger. Environmental contact is continued again with a herb/veg garden and seating area enabling kitchen activity to overflow interior boundaries,

Optimized for orientation, and set within its location, this contemporary family home subtly and tastefully announces its presence with expressed gables and shading pergolas emphasizing exterior-interior connection.