A contemporary home, stepped across the landscape maximising views in a picturesque residential estate in Gauteng

2016, Monaghan Farm, Lanseria, Centurion, South Africa
Area: 700m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Emma Hurst, Deandra Farinha
Contractor: Urban Creations
Photo Credit: SA Home Owner

Mdwaba's View - Driveway to modern contemporary farmhouse style family home
Off-shutter concrete canopy over front door to extra height lobby space with high level windows
Modern outdoor living and entertainment spaces
Internal landscaped courtyard creates a sense of zen connection to the surrounding nature
Modern statement bathroom
Luxury modern bathroom with slot window to skylight and view out over highveld surroundings
Mdwaba's View, ground floor plan
The Concept for Mdwaba’s view was driven by a beautiful narrative. The client grew up in the Eastern Cape, a province of South Africa with wide open spaces, mountains and majestic views. Driven by this, the client purchased the stand, located on a northern slope of the Monaghan Farm development, as it offered his children a glimpse of his childhood experience, something he wanted to share and pass on to a new generation.

This beautiful narrative was woven into the brief, calling for a modern, sustainable, family home maximizing connection to view and landscape provided by the location. The result is a North facing home, on multiple levels, with public areas of the home located to the West –  closer to the road – and private areas located on the Eastern, more private portion of the site.

Sustainability is achieved through orientation to the North, with cavity walls, shading, cross ventilation and double glazing used throughout. Solar geysers produce hot water and reticulation is in place for PV panels in the future. Along with thermal gain during the day, hydronic underfloor heating and evaporative cooling is employed in bedrooms, and wood burning stoves heat living areas which also have ample shading and large openings encouraging airflow. Cool South facing courtyards add to this,  in addition to rainwater from most roof surfaces which is harvested for use.