A luxury prefabricated cabin on the shores of Lake Malawi for the hospitality industry

2022, Lake Malawi, Malawi
Area: 83m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Rory David, Deandra Farinha

Malawi Villas - Malaw Cabin Floor Plan
The Clients Dream

This client had purchased land on the shores of lake Malawi surrounded by beautiful lush bush and wanted to create luxury rental villas for the Airbnb market.  As the location is remote a prefabricated building system was the solution the client opted for. Meik was approached by a company that offers a prefabricated solution to design the unit. 

The Dream Actualised (Design response)

Due to the nature of the construction system, the building is underpinned by a modular grid and services need to be located in internal ducts and as close together as possible. As modular panels would be manufactured and shipped to the site for installation the exterior finishes would need to be prefabricated as part of the panel. We opted for an exterior palette of Rhinezink and timber cladding.

In addition, a decision was made by the client and contractor to raise the cabin to accentuate views and to accommodate cars and services below.

Within the limitation of the system, we set out to design a compact but luxurious one-bedroom cabin for the client.

The accommodation comprises a living area with a kitchen, dining space and an additional guest toilet.  The bedroom is a generous en suite space, with a window that pops out of the cabin connecting the bathroom to the lush bush.

To increase the cabin area the bedroom and living space flow out onto a large deck covered by a pergola. The deck also contains a hot tub for sundowners or lazy evenings. 

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