An industrial-style home nestled in the Parys Golf & Country Estate on the banks of the Vaal River, designed to turn heads with bold material choices and strong forms

2022, Parys Golf Estate, Parys, South Africa
Area: 329m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Rory David

Leroni Parys Floor Plan

The Clients Dream

These serial home-builders were looking to downsize and simplify when they approached us to assist them with their next home! The brief called for a bespoke, industrial style home making use of industrial elements like red facebrick and steel, while maximising the view the plot offered. The clients had very clear and set ideas about their preferences.


The Dream Actualised (Design response)

This golf estate stand presents river views across the fairway to the northwest and is bound by a green belt on the northeastern boundary. If you read our blog post on orientation and why it’s important, you’ll understand the design challenge this presented. (Why north?)

Through our extensive briefing process, we were able to uncover the clients’ critical interests, which allowed us to make suggestions that then guided the design process. This is important when clients have very set ideas. We believe in our process – it works every time and helps parties reach a shared vision for the project.

A strong driver of the layout was the clients’ requirement for a central living area from which the bedrooms would be accessed, which is smart as it does away with passages.

The final design consists of three interconnected ‘sheds’ and entry is via a glass lobby off an entrance courtyard on the street side.

A centralised open-plan living area, housed in a shed, is flanked by bedrooms and service spaces housed in two adjacent sheds. The central shed is made up of an industrial portal frame steel structure, with high-level windows on either end to add light volume to the space. As the clients spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, the kitchen was given priority and placed on the northeastern side of the living areas to bring in light and connect to the green belt. A deck with a large pergola for shading relates to the river and fairway on the northwestern side and serves to connect the entertainment spaces with the plunge pool and braai area.

The material palette used – steel, corrugated iron and red facebrick –  is in keeping with industrial buildings and offers low maintenance.


It’s red, but is it green?

At meik, it’s always as sustainable as possible! Our design philosophy is to use passive design principles alongside technology to create sustainable, thermally comfortable homes, that function optimally. It’s fundamental to how we work.

This is often challenging when stands have not been laid out to encompass the best orientation within the topographical region, or when views are at odds with optimal orientation. However, we love a challenge!

As the site constraints and clients’ ideas were strong dictators of the layout, we’ve opted for a well-insulated shell, employing cavity walls, double glazing, surface bed insulation (insulation below the floor slab) and fully insulated roofs throughout. Further, we’ve made use of extensive shading and shutters on the northwestern face and have set doors and windows on this facade into deep reveals to provide additional shading in the summer months. High-level windows have been utilised in the central shed to bring daylight into the space and avoid the need for lights during the day.

The house will be off the grid and produce its own electricity. Rainwater is being harvested and stored below the deck while we have additional 10,000-liter water backup tanks in the utility yard to feed the home.

As low-maintenance materials have been used, the exterior of the home will never need to be painted, reducing consumption. A bonus for owners who want to slow down and not worry about maintenance, but also great for the planet!

We’re thrilled with the bespoke nature of this home as well as its response to the environment.

Can you see more?

Of course, you can! The clients have opted to make their build a smooth process and have appointed Meik on site. Simply follow us on the socials for updates.


Excited yet?

If you like what you see and hear and want to work with us on your home feel free to call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements, and how we can make your dream home come to life.

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