A compact, contemporary cabin for the hospitality market, maximising its gorgeous location

2020, Le Domaine Eco Reserve, Montagu, South Africa
Area: 112m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Rory David
Images: Courtesy of client
Contractor: Hertz Construction Project Management And Design

The Clients Dream

These clients had been on the hunt for an investment property for some time when they found this stand in Montagu! They aimed to establish a rental cabin within the Western Cape tourist market. 

The Dream actualised (Design response)

Our brief was to design a compact, modern two-bedroom, cabin that maximised the magnificent views and scenery, and that offered additional amenities that tourists would find attractive.

To reduce the footprint we chose not to add a patio as is the local trend but rather to add a small porch and to open the cabin space up as much as possible to the exterior.  Utilising the steep slope of the site a lower-level pool and deck area would provide external space to relax or socialise, while not hindering the view.

The central living area roof pops up and high-level windows afford a view of the mountainside that the cabin is perched upon. Folding stacking doors across the entire width of the living room open to connect the space with the view of the lake.

There’s an en suite bedroom on either side of the living space and each features a private porch and bathroom that spills out to a courtyard on the side of the cabin. One features an outdoor bath the other has an outdoor shower.

A limited palette of finishes of concrete and timber was used throughout the interior spaces. 

But is it Eco?

At Meik we believe in best-of-class sustainable building practices. We do this by employing passive design principles alongside technology to create sustainable, thermally comfortable buildings, that function optimally.

The stand thankfully allowed for optimal orientation. In addition, we utilised shading elements, cavity walls and a compact footprint. Remember smaller is better!  As the area has extreme weather, we had to add air-conditioning but used the highest-rated units. Hot water generation is via a heat pump as a solar geyser is designed for daily use, which is not the instance in a typical Airbnb scenario. 

Need assistance with your Airbnb project?

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