A contemporary farm style, family home with a river view stand set in a residential farm estate

2021, Monaghan Estate, Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa
Area: 521m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Deandra Farinha, Rory David

House Griffiths Ground Floor Plan

The Clients Dream

Lockdown made a lot of people question how and where they want to live. This professional couple with 2 young children opted for life on a farm estate, on the highveld, in a contemporary farm-style home.

The Dream actualised (Design response)

Having secured a stand with a river view meik was approached to assist.

As the stand is located on a busy corner of an arteria street within the estate our response was to maximize those river views, create privacy and maximize northern exposure.

The house was actualised as a series of interconnected sheds and courtyards. The outbuildings consisting of the garage, staff accommodation and home office were positioned on the busier west side of the stand, createing an entrance courtyard while screening the garden space from the road.

This allowed for north facing living spaces to open onto a generous patio and lawn area terminated by a rim flow pool and boma that take advantage of the fall of the land. Bedrooms and the master suite were placed on the quiet east side of the stand and open up to a lovely lawned area and river views.


Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

At meik, we employ passive design principles alongside technology to create sustainable, thermally comfortable homes that function optimally. It’s a fundamental design principle within the practice.

This entire home is orientated to the north, with service spaces to the south.

Along with optimised orientation, insulation is key to reducing those heating and cooling bills and has a relatively low cost-point. This home features insulation below the floor slab, cavity walls, double glazing and insulated roof slabs.

Hot water generation is through a combination of solar and gas geysers. We have blogs that explain our thoughts on hot water generation – here’s are some links: Solar Water Heating and Gas Geysers.

PV panels generate electricity that powers the home. Rainwater is harvested and stored in a large submerged tank, irrigating the garden and filling the pool.

Ceiling fans are employed throughout the home and a wood-burning fireplace warms the living spaces.

With power and water supply taken care of, service delivery woes are not going to hamper these homeowners!


Can you see more?

Of course, you can! The clients have opted to make their build a smooth process and have appointed Meik on site. Simply follow us on the socials for updates.


Thinking of moving to the country?

If you like what you see and hear and want to work with us on your home feel free to call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements, and how we can make your dream home come to life.

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