A contemporary, 3 bedroom home that can expand to improve sales and homeowner satisfaction for an estate housing developer.

2017, Ruimsig, JHB, South Africa
Initial Area: 295 m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Rivka Shulman


Homes Haven Estate First Floor Plan
Photo: Marinda van Zyl | Heatwave Photography


Homes Haven Estate Ground Floor Plan
Photo: Marinda van Zyl | Heatwave Photography

The Client Brief

Our high-volume residential market in South Africa is largely developer-driven. This home was designed as a starter home for a residential estate development, where homes are purchased off-plan.

Our brief was very open as the developer’s only real requirement was for a contemporary, 3-bedroom home of 300 square meters.


Meik’s Design Response

Rather than designing the home as a fixed 300 square meters, we decided to design a home that could be added onto as a family or needs might grow or change over time. In addition to giving future homeowners the ability to enlarge their homes, this also allows buyers to purchase a bigger house from the onset should they have the budget.

As orientation had to be optimised as the base minimum to a sustainable home the house is designed as a compact, north-facing, double-storey home, with space available on the ground and first floor to allow for growth.

The ground floor is designed as an open plan space with an outdoor living area,  with the ability to add a guest bedroom/study/staff accommodation/formal lounge to the north.  We also decided it was also important to have garden space and not build up the entire stand so the ground floor opens up to a generous garden.

The first floor is designed with a core of 3 bedrooms, and the option of extending the first floor to add a pajama lounge, additional bedroom and or study space.

The design can be roofed with either a mono-pitch or pitched roof. We opted for a north-facing mono-pitch roof that allows south-facing, clerestory windows to bring daylight into the passage space, as well as optimum orientation for future PV panels and solar collectors for hot water supply.


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