A contemporary style, floating garden pavilion for work or play looking into the tree canopy of a spruit on the property boundary.

2019, Duxbury Close, Sandton, South Africa
Area: 102m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Michelle Smith


Hale Pavilion Floor Plan


Architects all dream of designing glass, steel and concrete boxes, and in this project, we were delighted to be able to do just that! Designed as an entertainment space for a family with three teens, this elevated space enjoys views of a spruit (stream) and is placed between three established trees, resulting in a modern treehouse for the whole family. The style of the pavilion is in contrast to the newly renovated Cape Dutch home set at the top of this site, designed to blend into the trees and become part of its surroundings. The space was designed to remain flexible and can become a home office, studio space or granny flat in future.

Due to its location at the bottom of the steep slope resulting in access limitations, the pavilion has been designed as a framed structure with infill panels, to avoid the need for mass concrete construction. We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.