A showcase of luxury cluster design to showcase a boutique cluster development.

Emmanuel Clusters (development work)
2016, Harare, Zimbabwe
Luxury Cluster Development
Developer Unit Area: 611 m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Emma Hurst


Emanual Clusters - Ground Floor and First Floor Plans
Emanual Clusters Site Plan


The Clients Dream

This client had a big dream to develop four luxury, ultra-modern, upmarket cluster homes. The first unit would be the developer’s home and showcase the development. In maverick style, this developer had gone ahead of plan and started building! When we were appointed we encountered a grid of columns that were already erected as well as an enormous swimming pool! We love a challenge and got dreaming alongside the client!


The Dream Actualised (Design Response)

The existing column structure and design had been erected without much consideration for orientation or privacy.  Working within these constraints our first priority was to improve orientation and ensure privacy while creating a warm neighbourly feel for the development.

As the garden was on the hot west face, overhangs, shutters and shading devices were employed extensively as passive climate control elements on this façade while creating privacy at the same time. The large pool was seen as the centre of entertainment and a showcase. We decided that it should be visible from the double-volume lobby and that the lounge kitchen and dining room should connect to it.  A large patio and a shading device were used as visual pieces to tie it all together and give the design coherence.

A home office faces the street and is accessible directly from the lobby in order to maintain the home’s privacy. A home cinema is tucked in behind the kitchen for additional entertainment.  An ensuite guest suite opens to the garden and a home gym is adjacent to it. The carport below the first floor provides covered parking.

The first floor consists of 3 en suite bedrooms. Not to waste the large roof space over the existing house we utilised this as an additional outdoor area by turning it into an accessible roof terrace with planting and shading!


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