2019, Edenburg, Sandton, South Africa
Area: 175m²
Project Team: Nadine Naidoo, Michelle Smith
Compact spaces do not have to feel small, but every square meter needs to work harder to maintain an open, spacious feeling.

This modern, mono-pitch dwelling was designed for two professionals with dreams of a compact and sustainably conscious home on a well-treed site. Fortunately, our clients were open to adaptive, multiuse spaces. The study, a timber box, transforms into a second bedroom when the need arises, whilst the carport offers additional, informal,  covered outdoor space The kitchen and dining room become one space, to create an open plan, eat-in concept, with service spaces (including washing machines) hidden within the kitchen bank and opened when required. The mono-pitch serves to unify the open-plan living, kitchen and dining spaces leaving a lofty impression, and spilling out onto a covered walkway linking exterior and interior, encouraging outdoor living.  Timber elements such as exposed rafters and pergola further anchor the home to its site and the multiple trees being retained.