‘Creative must be a solution’, and we aim to craft buildings that they are both creative and practical.

We are a small practice and prefer it that way as it allows us to deliver highly personalized service.

As a result of teaching construction and being a construction geek, Principal Architect Nadine is current with all compliance issues, and has a very good knowledge of building codes and regulations. Through research and experience we are able to offer comprehensive advice on materials, ‘alternative systems, procurement and budget.

“God is in the detail”. We design details such as kitchens, bathrooms, special joinery items and anything else required. To complete the build we assist with procurement and coordination of all interior and exterior fittings and finishes via an established group of trade partners. Something many architects don’t do.

A fascination with alternative and prefabricated construction systems means we’ve designed and or built homes with LWSF (light weight steel frame), ‘Space frame technology’, and ‘Ikaya Future House’ technology and are well versed in timber frame construction.