A contemporary barn style family home on a riverfront stand in a sought-after estate in the north of Johannesburg

2016/17, Waterfall Estate, Jukskei view, South Africa
Area: 800m²
Project Team: Nadine Clarke, Emma Hurst, Deandra Farinha
Interior Design: Sophistique Interiors
Photo Credit: SA Home Owner
Featured in SA Home Owner, June 2019 (https://meik.co.za/media/)

The Mesquita residence is a redesign of the Bosman Strauss concept, as the land was sold with the plans. The design language of the house was retained, and the layout revised to include additional accommodation requirements.
As the brief also called for a sustainable home,  cavity walls and double glazing are used throughout. Estate rules require homes to be aligned with the street front, which conflicts with optimal orientation requirements of the location. As a result, extensive shading is employed in the design by means of deep roof overhangs, pergola’s and shutters. PV panels power the entire home, and hydroic underfloor heating is installed in living areas. Water is supplied by a borehole sunk on the property.
Mesquita Residence Floor Plan