G and T RENO

A brave renovation that converts a tiny box home into a home for indoor-outdoor living!

2017, Blairgowrie, Randburg, South Africa
Area: 220m²
Project team: Nadine Clarke, Rivka Schulman, Deandra Farinha
Contractor: JS Constructions





G and T Reno Floor Plan

This reno takes a Developer built suburban box to bespoke home, adding volumes of character and light. Designed for two Art Directors, the brief called for the removal of the existing grey tile roof, an open plan living space, an on-suite for the main bedrooms and a room for an inherited billiards table. The end result is an open plan living space with high level windows, opening onto a new patio that ties the existing outbuilding, now the new billiards room, to the living space. The Patio is anchored on the east side by a new main bedroom, with the existing bedroom becoming the on-suite bathroom