make [me-ik]: vb1. To bring into being by shaping, changing or combining materials ideas etc.; form or fashion 2. To draw up establish or form. Create; produce, construct, compose, transform, arrange, establish, perform, invent


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Not sure where to start or if we are the right fit? We’ll assist you to distill your Brief, your Budget and Your Goals. We’ll Answer your Questions and Give you a Suitable Design Solution for your Project.


On Our Journey with You, this is where things start getting Exciting! Design is carried out in two phases. Planning is done first along with the look and fee.. Onc complete the Form of the building is designed in 3D. So, Yes, you get to see what your Dream Home is going to look in 3D digital model!



Here is where we ‘draw the plans’. Our Drawing Service comprises a comprehensive set of construction documentation including construction drawings to build from and a written specification covering all the specifications of the project. These drawings are also submitted to the local council where we handle the entire approval process.


Our Development service is extensive & includes: Running a Tender and Managing the Project on site from Start to Finish. Project management includes but is not limited to: contact advice, contract administration, payment certification, quality control, aesthetic co-ordination, procurement of finishes, and anything that needs to get done to guide and help the Project Team to get your Dream Home Built on Time & In Budget.


What our customers have to say


We are using Nadine Naidoo (Meik Architects) to design our house.  We have found her thorough and very professional in everything she has done for us.  More than that her design is cutting edge and she took our brief and created some magic.


A special and warm thank you to our chosen and appointed ‘Meik Architect’ on the professional manner in which the design of our home at Monaghan Farm was orchestrated. The moment we met Nadine Naidoo from Meik, there was an instant connection;


We worked with Nadine on our build that is just about completed and found her to be imaginative, practical and well organised.


As first time home builders, we found the relationship with MEIK to be invaluable.  Besides loving the design of our home, we really enjoyed the personalized service and attention we were given.


Just a short note to say thank you for your services in designing our home at Waterfall.  You definitely understood our thinking during the brief we gave you and were always on hand for good advice during the design phase and beyond.



We are using Nadine Naidoo (Meik Architects) to design our house.  We have found her thorough and very professional in everything she has done for us.  More than that her design is cutting edge and she took our brief and created some magic.


‘Creative must be a solution’, and we aim to craft buildings that they are both creative and practical.

We are a small practice and prefer it that way as it allows us to deliver highly personalized service.

As a result of teaching construction and being a construction geek, Principal Architect Nadine is current with all compliance issues, and has a very good knowledge of building codes and regulations. Through research and experience we are able to offer comprehensive advice on materials, ‘alternative systems, procurement and budget.

“God is in the detail”. We design details such as kitchens, bathrooms, special joinery items and anything else required. To complete the build we assist with procurement and coordination of all interior and exterior fittings and finishes via an established group of trade partners. Something many architects don’t do.

A fascination with alternative and prefabricated construction systems means we’ve designed and or built homes with LWSF (light weight steel frame), ‘Space frame technology’, and ‘Ikaya Future House’ technology and are well versed in timber frame construction.


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This architects summary on solar How does it work? In short, heat is collected by means of liquid being pumped through panels (collectors) that are exposed to sunlight or UV. Heated water is stored in an insulated tank for use. Most tanks have a ‘booster’ or electric...

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Water heating in line with 2011 energy efficiency regulations With the advent of the new SANS10400 XA energy efficiency regulation is 2011, the sole use of electrical geysers to produce all your hot water requirements has become illegal. The regulation states that 50%...

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